Any artist – signed or unsigned – can deliver premium music video content through Vevo. To get started, artists need to distribute to VEVO through one of our content partners – be it a major label like Universal Music Group or Sony Music, or VUSIC RECORDS

Its time for the next level


Signed and unsigned artistes can deliver premium music video content through Vusic Records to Vevo. Upon request, Vusic Records will request a new Vevo channel on your behalf, which can be merged with your existing YouTube channel as an Official Artist Channel (or OAC). It will be marked as verified by the music note icon next to the channel name.
All content uploaded to either channel will publicly display on the single OAC once the merge is complete.



With more than 500,000 videos from artists of all levels and genres, Vevo controls the largest network of music channels on YouTube,
as well as distribution through a growing number of other global partners. For over a decade, fans have come to recognize the Vevo logo
as a verified indicator of the premium, official content from the artists they are searching for and those they’ve yet to discover.

Vevo’s global team of expert music programmers curates the promotion of videos across our network – both on and off YouTube – and all
artists who choose to distribute their content through Vevo are eligible for this strategic editorial support, including customized and promoted play listing.

In addition to supporting videos created by artists (official, lyric, audio, teasers, etc), Vevo films nearly 1,000 pieces of original content each year,
supporting both established and emerging artists. You can contact Vevo via Vusic Records throughout the year to advocate for their artists’
participation in these original content opportunities.

In addition to YouTube, Vevo also distributes its extensive library of music videos to a number of other distribution partners including Apple TV, Pluto TV,
Samsung TV and Roku

Its important to clearly distinguish between your artiste YouTube Channel and Vevo. When you have a Vevo channel, your video will be placed on a Vevo branded
artist YouTube channel, thereby making your music video a part of Vevo’s 450,000 music video strong catalogue, with music from artists of all levels and genres.
Your music video has the potential to be placed on Vevo YouTube featured playlists to get more exposure. Having a Vevo branded channel will also add a verification
tick for recognition

Creating a


For artistes who currently do not have a Vevo Channel, rest assured, Vusic Records can create a Vevo Channel for you. You can specify which new channel name you would like created or what your current channel is named (ie SingerVEVO)

You will need

  • A PR photo of the artist – must be high quality of at least 5,000 x 5,000 pixels at 72dpi, preferably professionally shot at a photo studio. It also must be an actual photo of just the artist, and cannot be a logo, graphic, or artistic rendering of the artist.

    • A Banner image – The template can be downloaded here. Please be aware of the “text and logo safe area” in the middle.

    • Please keep in mind that all Vevo channels must be created per artist, and must be an artist name. Vevo does NOT allow record labels to create a Vevo channel. Vevo creates new channels in bulk on every Monday, and channels are fully created by Wednesday. Any new channel request made after that Monday will go into the queue for the following Monday batch. For this reason, we require you to submit your video distribution request at least three weeks before your go-live date. This will ensure your channel and video are complete by your release



New VEVO Artist Channel Creation
6500 + 18% GST One Time

Upload Music Video

Upload music video to VEVO Artist Channel
6500 + 18% GST ONE time per video