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You create song in hindi, punjabi, bangla, gujarati, bhojpuri etc then how will it benefit you from releasing songs on international platforms. Indian music stars like sonu nigam, badshah, arijit singh, shaan all are earning lakhs of revenue from Indian streaming apps. Release your song where your audience is


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About Special Platforms


Soundcloud transformed into music distribution platform for up and coming musicians and creators to share their music much later but it was initially launched in 2008 as a platform to allow musicians to collaborate by facilitating the sharing and discussion of recordings. Since its launch, the platform has gained a global following and has become one of the most well known music sharing and streaming platforms hosting music from both indie and signed artists, as well as podcasts and other forms of audio.The open user-generated content platform model allows users to upload their tracks for streaming and/or downloading and to connect directly with fans globally.

In 2016 Soundcloud launched its first subscription streaming tiers, SoundCloud Go and SoundCloud Go+, and has rolled out the services to select countries.

Audible Magic

Audible Magic is a content-recognition service that, through its database of audio and video fingerprints, offers services to various media platforms like Twitch, TikTok and Facebook to help them to monitor (and block) unauthorized audio and video usage in uploads and live stream by their users on their platform.When content is delivered to Audible Magic it will be blocked on all services that Audible Magic services.

Audible Magic was launched in 1999 and is one of the leaders in automated identification of audio and visual content for web media platforms and social networks. Content owners can include their content in Audible Magic’s fingerprinting system by delivering their catalogue to Audible Magic.

Facebook, Tiktok and Twitch (amongst others) as UGC platforms use Audible Magic’s audio fingerprinting services to monitor and block unauthorized usage of audio content by users on their services. All content submitted to Audible Magic for inclusion in their audio-fingerprinting system will be automatically blocked on the UGC platforms that use Audible Magic.Audible Magic does not provide content owners with a system or dashboard to set their own usage policies. Audible Magic only allows the possibility to block or to unblock. To block content, content has to be delivered to Audible Magic.To unblock content, the content has to be taken down from Audible Magic.

Kuack Media Group

Kuack Media Group is a company based in the US focussing on building and operating white label music streaming services for various large mobile carriers in Latin America and the Caribbean (including Movistar, Vodafone etc). Kuack operates subscription-only streaming services, which are offered by mobile carriers standalone or bundled with other services.The catalog of Kuack contains more than 25 million tracks.The company operates two subscription tiers; the Spotify-like “Premium” tier and the more affordable “Top Chart” tier.

The Premium tier provides unlimited on-demand music streaming, with offline access, including the ability to create playlists, share songs, and playlists on social networks.This tier can be utilized by a max of 3 devices.

The Top Chart tier is a lower priced offering with more limited access. It provides on-demand access to a Top 40 playlist and up to 5 other playlists a user can select himself from a range of different curated playlists. The Top Chart subscription tier also allows for offline playback, but only of the complete playlist, not individual tracks.

Lola – VI (
Kolbi Music as offered by Kolbi – CR (
Viva Musica – BO (
Movistar Musica Peru – PE (
Movistar Musica Columbia – CO (
Vodafone Zambia – ZM (
Virgin Mobile Colombia (Lola Music) – CO (
Orange Dominican Republic (Altice Music) – DO ( ( personal/entretenimiento/altice-music)
Bitel Peru – PE (

AWA Japanese Music Streaming app

TouchTune Play Network

TouchTunes is one of the leading B2B background music streaming service providers in the US.The company provides digital jukeboxes to over 65,000 venues across the US, including bars, restaurants, gyms and other social venues.TouchTunes offers two types of music jukeboxes;
– a coin-operated pay-per-play jukebox that allows for on-demand listening
The jukebox has curated playlists and an option for background music.
– a background music streaming service that allows for semi-interactive listening
This jukebox is more advanced than the coin-operated jukebox. By installing the TouchTunes app, visitors get access to control this jukebox remotely.The app also shows all the locations where the jukeboxes are available.The service works on a semi-interactive basis as users only have the ability to play tracks from curated playlists.

PlayNetwork is an US-based provider of subscription-based content streaming services to business and other commercial locations (B2B), like bars, stores, restaurants, airlines, public transportation etc. PlayNetwork’s music services include the provision of:
– background/foreground audio-only music to commercial locations;
– audiovisual programming to commercial locations; and
– audio-only and/or audiovisual programming to commercial transportation vehicles, e.g., airplanes, trains, ships and buses.


Qobuz is one of the world’s first music services to offer music aficionados streams and downloads in CD quality and higher. From its headquarters in France, Qobuz operates a subscription streaming service and an a la carte download store, both with a strong focus on editorial and human curation and providing rich metadata. Qobuz carries all types of genres and most popular genres on the service are pop, world, jazz and classical.The service specifically targets audiophiles that enjoy listening to music in Hi-res quality. Qobuz has ambitious plans to roll out its services globally.

Qobuz is available in several tiers:

Qobuz Basic: allows for unlimited on-demand streaming on PC/desktop only and no caching.

Qobuz Premium: allows for unlimited on-demand streaming on PC/desktop and mobile devices.

Qobuz Hi-Fi: allows for unlimited on-demand streaming on PC/desktop and mobile devices in CD quality

Qobuz Studio: allows for unlimited on-demand streaming on PC/desktop and mobile devices in Hi-Res quality

Qobuz Sublime+: allows for unlimited on-demand streaming on PC/desktop and mobile devices in Hi-Res quality

United Media Agency

UMA operates the music services offered by Russia’s largest social media platforms VKontakte and Odnoklassniki. It is a Russian company that exclusively licenses music to’s three music services; VKontakte, Boom and Odnoklassniki.

VKontakte is the dominant Russian social network, the local Facebook.VKontakte has long been known as one of the main pirating sites in Russia, but the service has turned around under pressure of the Russian government and the international and local recording industry. In May 2017 it launched its legitimate fully licensed music service. The service, which is built into VKontakte’s social media platform, offers both ad- supported and subscription streaming. Subscribers can stream music on their PC and mobile for a monthly fee of 149 roubles (€2.15).VKontakte users will need to download a separate app called ‘Boom’ if they wish to be able to cache tracks for offline playback.The social network has 90,3m monthly active users and has a Russian market penetration of 62%.The social media platform is as popular asYouTube in Russia.VKontakte’s music service is the country’s 4th largest music service.
Vkontakte had 2,1m paying subscribers in June 2019.

Odnoklassniki also is a social network, Russia’s 2nd largest. It has a market penetration of 42%, exact monthly active user numbers are unknown.

VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and Boom have restricted access to their freemium tiers to 30 minutes a day to encourage users to subscribe and drive conversion.


Jaxsta is an Australian based music tech company that has built a rich informational database with music credits. Jaxsta collects and verifies music data such as recording artist, producer, songwriter, label, session musician and engineering credits and makes this information available to users through its Jaxsta service and website. Jaxsta has sourced (and licensed) the data directly from many copyright owners. Jaxsta aims to be for music what IMDB is to film. It also aims to work together with DSPs to help increase the quality of metadata.

Jaxsta plans to offer three different service level tiers for three different groups of users, being:
A free-to-the-user B2C web platform located at an online music informational database which is free for the user to access and use.The service provides various recording, performance, songwriting credits as well as liner notes and album artwork.This B2C webservice is currently live in beta (since June 2019).The service is advertisement free.

Jaxsta Pro: a paid subscription tier that is aimed at the professional user that provides additional third party sourced insights and data, such as worldwide music charts, festival and music conference dates, market insights and reports as well as publisher and label details. Jaxsta Pro is yet to be launched. Launch is expected towards the end of 2019.

B2B Distributed Service: a paid service specifically aimed at professional third parties such as music platforms which includes integration of the Jaxsta database into such third party’s platform or service
( through API calls most likely). The B2B Distributed Service is not yet launched and a launch date has not yet been set for this service.


KKBOX is a music streaming service developed in 2005 by KKBOX Inc., a software company in Taipei, Taiwan. It is a part of Japanese Telecom Group, KDDI. The service mainly targets the music markets of East and Southeast Asia, focusing on regions including: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan and Singapore.


NetEase, Inc. is a Chinese Internet technology company providing online services centered on content, community, communications, and commerce. The company was founded in 1997 by Ding Lei. NetEase develops and operates online PC and mobile games, advertising services, email services and e-commerce platforms in China.

iHeart Radio

iHeartRadio is an American free broadcast, podcast and streaming radio platform owned by iHeartMedia, Inc. It was founded in April 2008. As of 2019, iHeartRadio functions as the national umbrella brand for iHeartMedia’s radio network, the largest radio broadcaster in the United States.

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