Making money with music has always been a subject less talked about. We have seen musicians and artists make money by live performances in events, venues, pubs , at parties , marriage functions or at live concerts. Musicians and artists also earn money by getting a producer or a music label to make music for them and in return they get paid.

We are still missing the biggest source of money that is the place where listeners and fans hear music, Streaming apps like Gaana, Hungama, jiosaavn, spotify etc all pay the artist for every stream they get.

For this you have to get your music on these platforms. You can find more about how to get music on streaming apps and make money from it here

So first step to make money is make a great song in any genre, it can be pop, devotional, romantic, meditative music, mantra music etc and then get it on streaming platforms. Vusic Records help you get on every streaming platform available in india and worldwide.

You earn money by caller tunes too, they also pay and its a good way to get exposure and more fans, so everytime anybody streams of play your song or set it as caller tune, you get money and its all passive. So once you have made any song just get it to maximum places possible and see the money rolling in.

So dont wait and get your music online now!